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Frequently Asked Questions: Retail
  How much does the Red Hot Plancha System cost?  
  Please see the 2009 price list.  

How many cooking trays are included?


One Plancha cooking surface is included in your kit but you may purchase spare ones if required.


Does it come with the wooden centre insert?

  The tables are supplied with an additional wooden section that lays on top of the Plancha burner, when not in use, so you can utilise the table as normal when not cooking

Does it come with a cover?


Weatherproof covers that protect the look and finish of your Plancha kit all year round are available to purchase, please see the 2009 price list for details.


How often, and with what, should I treat the wood?

  If the Red Hot Plancha is kept covered with our weatherproof cover when not in use no treatment should be required but if left exposed it can be treated with a suitable wood oil
  Can the Red Hot Plancha System left outside without a cover?
  Yes but to preserve the appearance of your Plancha weather proof covers are available to purchase. Please see the price details.

How much is the delivery charge to Bradford say?


Delivery charges can be calculated by visiting the delivery charge section of the web site.


Does it come flat packed and if so what tools will I need?


The table is delivered flat packed and you will need a screw driver and spanner to assemble it. The Plancha burner unit is already fully assembled apart from inserting the Battery into the Ignitor assembly. The system comes complete with the required Regulator and Hose to connect to a Calor Patio gas canister. We do not supply the gas


How do you clean the cooking surface?


The Plancha cooking surface is Teflon coated so all that is required to clean it after use is washing with hot soapy water. It can be cleaned in a dishwasher if required.


Do I get a discount if I buy two or more?


Price breaks start at qty’s of 10 or more please ask for details.


How much is a new cooking surface?


Please see the 2009 price list.


How long will the gas last?


A 5kg Calor Patio Gas cylinder will last for an average of 20+ hours of cooking whilst the 15Kg size Patio Gas Cylinder will last over 50 hours.


Is there a gas gauge?


If you use Calor Patio Gas cylinder as recommended they have a gas gauge on the cylinder.


How long is the delivery time?


Delivery is 2/3 days following receipt of payment.


Health and Safety, what considerations have been made?


Please see the Health & Saftey Report on the web site


What type of food can be cooked on the Red Hot Plancha System?


Meat, Seafood and vegetables.


Is the Red Hot Plancha System supplied with chairs? 


No but any quantity of chairs can be supplied as an optional extra. Please see the price list for details.


Can the Red Hot Plancha System still be used when not operating as a plancha out of use?




Are there different size Red Hot Plancha System available?


Yes, please see the price list for details.


Where can I see a Red Hot Plancha System in action?


The Bell Inn, The Green, Tanworth in Arden, Warks .  B94 5AL.  Tel: 01564 742212


Can the Red Hot Plancha System be used indoors?


Not unless specific extraction is already in place over the area where the system is going to be used. It is designed for outside or large marquee use only. You cannot use LPG Gas Cylinders inside buildings.

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